ASAP X-Tra Thick T-Grip Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Glove

Product Details:-

Diamond texture for superior grip in wet and oily conditions
Powder Free
Bright Orange colour
0.26mm palm & 0.30mm Finger thickness & 8.6g in Weight to provide our most durable heavy duty protection
Meets EN455 Standard
240mm length
Available in sizes M,L & XL

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-Powder and Latex Free Gloves
-Ambidextrous non sterile with beaded cuff
-Embossed pattern for great grip, and work in oily conditions


Maximum Protection
The ASAP X-Tra Thick T-Grip Disposable Glove is our toughest glove for superior heavy-duty protection.

Texture surface
The diamond texture on the surface channels fluids away for enhanced grip in any condition,for reduced hand starin and increased safety.

Almost impenetrable
Made from 100% Nitrile and is highly puncture resistant and chemical resistant.

Powder free
Developed powder free with no plasticizers to avoid skin allergies linked to glove use.

Fits either hand conveniently without needing to determine left or right for easier donning.


ASAP X-Tra Thick T-Grip Nitrile gloves are recommended to be used in industries for:

  • Heavy-duty protection especially in industrial or automotive applications
  • Chemical substance protection such as laboratory and research work.
  • Prolonged usage and overall increased protection.

Technical Specifiaction Sheet

Product Information:-

Series Number:20420
Description:Nitrile,Powder Free,Examination Gloves
Material:100% Nitrile
Design:Ambidextrous,Diamond Grip Textured & Beaded Cuff
Food Safe:Tested in accordance with EU standard EN 1188 under Food Commission Regulation 10/2011
Acceptable Quality Level(AQL):1.5
Packaging:50 pcs per box,10 boxes per carton
Handling & Stoarge:Keep Out of direct sunlight;store in a cool and dry place
Country of Origin:Malaysia

Instruction for Use:-

This guidelines is to be used in combination with the specific information that is mentioned on each packaging.These gloves are designed as single and transient use gloves and should be disposed of after use.The gloves are liquid proof,and can therefore be used for splash protection against certain chemicals.Kindly ensure the gloves are used for the designated purposes only.

This product contains nitrile rubber which may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.Do not expose these gloves to any person with a known or suspected sensitivity to nitrile rubber.If allergic reaction occurs,discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.These gloves should not be used for thermal or harsh chemical protection.They are not intended for applications involving prolonged direct exposure to harsh chemical where heavy-duty industrial gloves are required.

Variability in material thickness,gloves integrity,chemical concentration,temperature. and length of exposure to chemicals may affect performance.User is responsible for determining glove suitability for individual application.Before usage,inspect the gloves for any faults or deficiencies.If the gloves are ripped or punctured during use,dispose them immediately.

Store in a dry place at room temperature.Open product should be shielded from exposure to direct sunlight,intense artificial light,x-ray machines,and other sourcess of zone.

Dispose according to Local Authority Regulations.Landfill or incinerate under controlled conditions.




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